Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Death sucks but it doesn't have to kill dreams.

All deaths are premature.

I just had my first I502 grower pass away. It really sucked. There were no instuctions for what to strains to plant etc. Now the team has to deal with the grief and knowledge loss that this key member brought to their team. Despite this they have to move forward because of the dreams and the financal commitments that brought them this far. My advise is not changed: Get a plan and a life insurance policy.

If you have a team working on your operation then look at everyone. If they had to leave would you be able to keep going and produce your dreams? Would you struggle or would it look radically different? Can you deal with the emotional loss alongside the financal loss?

If the answer is yes then make a plan and get a life insurance policy to make sure that the dream moves forward. It doesn’t have to be fancy or a huge amount just enough to move your team forward. If you need a quote then ask me or my partner. If you are running a partnership or have shares then consider buy/sell agreements with the insurance policy in place to cash the estate out immediately.These are how you can retain wealth through the worst situation.

Cannabis is not plutonium. Life insurance is a serious tool for serious business. If you are looking at building your dreams then put a couple of dollars down to make sure that your friends and family can get there with out you.

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