Friday, July 24, 2015

California Marijuana Insurance

I have been running Insurebud for a few years now and have had a few requests to expand coverages into other states by friends in the Cannabis Industry. I got in this business to help out a few friends in the Seattle area and get them some inexpensive insurance to cover their dispensaries. With out advertising, I recieve a couple of requests a year that I have had to say no as I focused on Washington State.

We have two rules about insurance.

1. It has to be affordable.
2. It has to be usable.

This changed about a week ago, I had a professional call me with a large enough operation in California, that I can afford to expand. When you are a small business, everything takes time and money. If you don't spend money then you spend time. Effective 07/23/2015 Insure Bud is open for business in California.

I am looking forward to finally being able to bring information to the 420 College in California. George Boyadjian has been a huge influence in gathering professional people and teaching about this industry that it would be awesome to see him on his home turf. If you haven't attended one of his events then you are missing some of the best training that I have ever encountered for the Marijuana Industry.

If you are expecting me to use a Lloyds of London policy then think again as we moved from using them last February. In May there was a memo from a Lloyds executive stating that they were going to stop writing new policies for the Cannabis Industry and renew on a case by case basis. To build an industry, I only use products that support the industry. In six months the client responses have been 100% positive.

I have picked a rockstar of whole sale insurance company that is continually improving the product. I have secured a premium loan company that is providing good rates so the entire premium does not have to be paid up front. I have also found little things along the way such as Packaging companies, Point of Sales Debit Cards and other secondary industries that can improve your access point and your products. If you are profitable then my job is well done.

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