Friday, April 1, 2016

Do I need a safe for my Marijuana business?

Do you need a safe? If you are not insuring your products for theft then the insurance company does not require an 800lb safe with a one hour fire rated bolted to the ground. The underwriters came upon this size after studying years of robberies of Cannabis stores. A safe’s job is to slow down the bad guys. Are all safe’s created equal? Here is a quick educational video. . Just because a safe’s door looks big, doesn’t mean it keeps your products safer. There are a lot out there that have skinny metal and sheetrock.

In Washington State, I talk with Dave Giussi about quality safes. He is the owner of Graffunder Safe and Vault and understands the industry. I would not feel comfortable with $500,000 worth of concentrates being stored overnight behind just sheet metal in a locking file cabinet. Contact Dave if you want good protection for your products.

Here is why a safe is bolted to the ground:

Another box store safe:

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